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Terms & Conditions


Client agrees to the following terms and conditions:

1. Labor and parts are nonrefundable. All sales are final.

2. Resident computer owner or business employee must be present during all service calls.

3. In the event that Triangle CompuDocs is denied access to an appointment or an appointment is otherwise missed due to the negligence of the client, a minimum service charge may be applied.

4. With customer’s prior consent, Triangle CompuDocs will procure parts on behalf of the customer.

5. Product warranties must be handled through the manufacturer and are the sole responsibility of the customer. Triangle CompuDocs reserves the right to source equipment, parts, software and systems through Triangle CompuDocs referral vendors. Triangle CompuDocs is not responsible for referral vendor or other supplier warranties of any kind. 

6. Triangle CompuDocs does not warrant or guarantee that any software or hardware security measure recommended and/or installed by Triangle CompuDocs will prevent all network intrusions.

7. Triangle CompuDocs is not responsible for any damage or failure caused by improper installation or alteration or products prior to Triangle CompuDocs rendering service.

8. Client is responsible for paying fees for and complying with the terms of any licenses for software installed by Triangle CompuDocs.

9. Triangle CompuDocs is not responsible for any modification or changes made to hardware or software after services are rendered.

10. Triangle CompuDocs will never obtain, install, trade, or resell any illegal pirated software. Software or proof of ownership must be verified by client before installation.

11. Client agrees to keep all animals away from technician to avoid dangerous working conditions. Triangle CompuDocs reserves the right to stop providing service and collect applicable payment from client in the event of unsafe conditions.

12. Triangle CompuDocs reserves the right to charge a trip charge for any on-site service calls.

13. Triangle CompuDocs reserves the right to charge a $25 or 10% monthly late fee, whichever is greater, for all invoices not paid within 10 business days.

14. Unless prior arrangements have been authorized, invoices must be paid prior to the service tech leaving the premises after services rendered.

15. Triangle CompuDocs is not responsible for any opened software packages. No refunds are applicable for opened software packages or damaged products due to client negligence.

16. Client agrees not to solicit Triangle CompuDocs employees or contractors to perform services independently. If client solicits Triangle CompuDocs technician, client agrees to pay a penalty of $1500 plus any incurred legal fees.

17. Prepaid blocks of hours are non-refundable.

18. Offer coupons cannot be combined for additional savings. One coupon can be used per client per visit.

19. Disclaimer: Due to the high risk of user re-infection and thoroughness of our virus removal procedure, we do not offer a guarantee on virus removals. No matter what level of protection is installed on a system, there are always new threats and risks with even relatively safe websites and browsing habits. Another system on your network, unsafe websites and files stored on external media are all potential threats that could compromise your system without any user action or intervention. We make every effort to assist the small portion of clients who become reinfected and offer discounts on multiple, simultaneous removals and reinfection scenarios, but we do not accept responsibility or liability for machines once returned to your possession. We just can’t.​​​

20.  Due to a wide variety of reasons, we DO NOT require our technicians to wear face masks on site (EPA Study).  If this is of concern to you, please consider scheduling a Remote Support appointment instead.  Thank you for understanding.

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