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Bayne at the computer 1979
Bayne at the computer in 1987.
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Bayne Schulstad - Owner

I'm Bayne Schulstad, Owner and Lead Technician at Triangle CompuDocs. I grew up in the Raleigh area, graduated from Wake Forest/Rolesville High School and attended Louisburg College.  I started my career at American Airlines and quickly became a programmer, working on the QIKRes reservation system, at American Airlines headquarters in Texas.  My career continued with SABRE, programming American's reservation system in Java. But my real passion was support, PC and Server troubleshooting, and that is where I shined.  After my SABRE programming group was purchased by EDS, I moved back to North Carolina and contracted with IBM, supporting a server room and 600+ employees with PC/technology issues.


Triangle CompuDocs is my dream job. I now support 400+ clients providing Managed Services and PC/Mac repair, troubleshooting and training.


​The constant learning and adapting to how technology changes at a lightning fast pace appeals to me.  And leaving my clients with smiles on their faces with a computer that works; priceless.

About Us


Triangle CompuDocs is family-owned and operated in Raleigh, NC. Other companies may offer similar services, but ours are the highest quality at an affordable price. We provide Remote Managed Services for numerous small businesses in the local area. 

We also provide on-site computer (PC and Mac) Repair and IT Support to small business and residential customers for the Raleigh/Durham Triangle area. With over 20 years of experience, we've seen a lot of changes in the technology industry.  The key is to adapt to those changes and continue to learn.

Triangle CompuDocs was founded in 2011 and thrived despite the difficult economy at the time, in part because of high quality customer service and fair pricing.  View comments on the Testimonials page and feel free to leave your own.

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