Zoom Troubles

Did You Know? Google has banned their employees from using Zoom over security concerns. Google employees are now banned from using the Zoom teleconferencing platform due to security concerns. Google-provided machines will soon stop working if the Zoom app is still installed. Employees are still allowed to use Zoom through a web browser or via mobile. Zoom had been facing criticism over its lax privacy and security protections since before its recent boom in popularity. The service was not designed for consumer use at this scale, with the user base growing from 10 million to 200 million users in the past three months.

Know who else won’t use Zoom?

  • SpaceX

  • Smart Communications

  • Taiwan (yes the country)

  • NASA

  • the German Foreign Ministry

  • the United States Senate

  • the Australian Defense Force

  • NY Department of Education

… the list is growing.

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