Zoom makes positive changes

Did You Know? Zoom has really stepped up security. I have said, based on some security concerns across the world, that Zoom is dangerous. But it is by far the most popular remote conference platform out there.

Well, the Zoom guys took quick action when its security flaws were pointed out and have made great changes to tighten lock their product. Some of the new enhancements include the ability to lock a meeting, enable the waiting room (if it isn’t already, remove participants, and the ability to restrict participants ability to share their screens, chat, rename themselves and annotate on the host’s shared content. They recommend that everyone update their clients to Zoom 5.0 NOW. Any who don’t upgrade now, will be forced to on May 30. https://zoom.us/download?zcid=1231 #trianglecompudocs #didyouknow #zoomsecurity

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