Windows 7. Is it safe?

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Did You Know? Windows 7 is going “End Of Life” on Jan 14, 2020. Every few years, Microsoft causes some panic across industry sectors by announcing the end-of-life of one of its older Windows operating systems.

In this case, Windows 7 is going “end of life” on Jan. 14, meaning Microsoft will no longer be regularly updating the system with fixes when a security vulnerability is found. The company is urging users – both consumer and enterprise – to update their systems to the latest operating system: Windows 10.

As the weeks tick down until the deadline, the question becomes: how big of a security threat is this? We’ve seen the real-world attacks that can come from unpatched vulnerabilities in an out-of-date operating system. There are also valid reasons an organization could choose to hedge its bets and not upgrade. Ultimately, it is a conversation about risk, and more specifically, how much risk is an organization willing to assume in the face of a potentially costly or complicated upgrade.

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