What's a Lamphone?

Did You Know? Eavesdroppers can now hear your conversations using the vibrations from a light bulb. A team of researchers has come up with a way to spy on anyone from a distance without a malware attack. Named as Lamphone, the new attack method allows an adversary to record light bulb vibrations for eavesdropping.

The attack works by recording the vibrations of a light bulb that generate when sound waves strike it. Using a remote electro-optical sensor, it becomes possible for an attacker to record the vibrations, segregate audio signals from the optical signals, and then reverse-engineer them to get to the real audio. What makes this attack more dangerous than the previously discovered similar ones, is that it doesn’t involve malware. Hence, it does not require the attacker to meddle with any of the target’s devices. All it takes to perform Lamphone attack is: A telescope to focus on the target hanging bulb. An Electro-optical sensor mounted to the telescope to transform captured photons from the light into electric current via the photodiode. Sound recovery system to convert the input optical signals into audio signals. Read More… #lamphone #trianglecompudocs #didyouknow #latesthackingnews

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