What Can You Do?

According to business leaders and IT professionals, the true cost of ransomware infections adds up to much more than just the pain of paying the ransom. Beyond losing access to their data (and the ransom money), here are just a few findings around the other consequences a ransomware attack can have:

  • 46% of ransomware victims said their clients were also impacted by the attack

  • 40% of ransomware attacks consumed eight or more man-hours of work

  • 17% of victims were unable to recover their data after paying the ransom

So what can you do? Look for a Managed Services Company that can help eliminate and mitigate ransomware attacks. Check out our comparison between the outdated "Break/Fix" model and the current streamlined and less expensive Managed Services model. With our Behavioral Based Endpoint Security, your company can be protected from ransomware attacks.

Break Fix vs Managed Services

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