Underhanded Update

Did You Know? Microsoft will be changing your default search engine in Chrome… to Bing. If it frustrates you that your search engine of choice gets changed, then prepare to be frustrated again. Microsoft will use its Office 365 installer to force Chrome users to switch their default search engine to Bing.

The Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus installer that will be released next month will contain a new Chrome extension that will change Chrome's default search engine settings. If Bing is already the default search engine, the extension will not be installed. Microsoft is marketing this update to IT admins as enabling its Microsoft Search functionality in Chrome.

Admins will be able to block the Chrome extension install through Group Policy, and users are able to remove it after it has been installed. Users will still be able to choose their default search engine after removing the extension. Microsoft will roll out the update in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and India next month.

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