Time to double check your security

Did You Know? The 30th of November is known as “Computer Security Day”. Below is a checklist you can follow to help secure your computer. Help spread the word on social media using #ComputerSecurityDay to inform others how they can secure their data!

Make sure the following items are checked:

* Enable Windows Update

* Install and run Antivirus software

* Turn on Windows or a third party Firewall

* Update computer software

* Always use strong passwords

* Do not share or write down passwords

* Set a password to access computer

* Remove unused programs

* Secure your home wireless network

* Back up important data regularly

* Use caution when browsing the Internet

* Log off the computer when not using it

* Do not use your web browser to store or remember passwords

* Remove temporary internet files periodically

If you need help, it is easy to book an appointment with me. https://square.site/book/0ZQCBQZ973R50/triangle-compudocs

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