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Did You Know? You can save videos to share later from Facebook and YouTube. Have ever watched a video that you just HAD to share with a friend or family member only to find out that, when going back to the site, it no longer exists? It is happening more and more these days. And people seem genuinely outraged. Keep in mind, both Facebook and YouTube are free services. We as consumers don’t have many rights as it comes to content on either site.

So what alternatives do you have? If you find a video on either Facebook or Youtube, you can save the video to your local computer. By doing this, you take control of the content and can let others see it as often as you like. Below I will show you how.

Facebook: Keep in mind, if the video is private, you cannot download it. You can tell by looking at the icon next to the date. If its a globe, its public. Anything else and its private and cannot be downloaded.

  • When watching a video, click the share button.

  • Click the Copy Link option.

  • Open

  • Paste the copied link

  • Click Download and follow the instructions.

YouTube: For YouTube, I use the 4K Video Downloader software located here:

  • Download and install 4k Video Downloader

  • Go to the video that you want to download.

  • Click the Share button, and select Copy, to copy the link URL.

  • Open the 4K Video Downloader software and paste the link that you copied.

  • Follow the instructions to download.

Using these methods will allow you to save videos from both YouTube and Facebook to your computer quickly and easily. Keep in mind that these tools could change or be removed from the internet too, so use caution when searching the web for alternatives. You may want to have a good malware/spyware/adware program loaded to protect you if you click something you don’t want. I recommend MalwareBytes.

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