Mitipi Kevin

Did You Know? There are some strange “tech” products out there. For instance: Mitipi Kevin.

Kevin is a smart speaker that’s supposed to make it seem like you’re always home. Once you buy a Kevin, a nod to Kevin from the Home Alone movies,

you’re supposed to set it in your doorway, or near some other place a theoretical burglar might check. The speaker will then activate once you’ve left and begin running through lights and sounds that make sense for the time of day and the environment you live in. So it might play shower noises in the morning and TV noises at night; but it also might play louder sounds if you live in a city and quieter ones if you’ve indicated you live in a rural area.

There’s a connected app that lets you customize the scenarios it runs through, and Mitipi says that there’ll be “weeks of content” so that someone dropping by shouldn’t be able to hear the speaker loop. #trianglecompudocs #didyouknow

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