iPhone Exploit Caught

Did You Know? Researchers say they caught an iPhone Zero-Day hack in the wild.

A zero-day vulnerability, at its core, is a flaw. It is an unknown exploit in the wild that exposes a vulnerability in software or hardware and can create complicated problems well before anyone realizes something is wrong. In fact, a zero-day exploit leaves NO opportunity for detection ... at first.

ZecOps, a San Francisco-based startup, recently revealed that it had discovered two zero-day exploits for iOS that were being used in the wild. The exploits will be patched in an upcoming release of iOS 13. One of the vulnerabilities could be triggered remotely, while the other required an additional vulnerability to be triggered remotely. They were used widely to target individuals working in companies. The hacks were discovered after ZecOps investigated a series of suspicious crashes on customers' iPhones. Here is the full story -https://tinyurl.com/yd3xomdz #tldr #trianglecompudocs #didyouknow #iphone0day

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