How Technology is Helping the Fight Against Coronavirus

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Covid-19 is spreading fast, with the number of cases growing by the day. As it continues to

spread across the globe, practical applications of the technology in fighting the global crisis

are on the rise. A growing number of tech companies and IT organizations are working in a

variety of ways to help fight the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Technologies Helping the Fight Against Covid-19

There are numerous types of technologies used in the fight against coronavirus pandemic.

Telemedicine, for instance, saw a record high during the Covid-19 pandemic. This

technology allows patients to consult doctors, greatly reducing unnecessary hospital visits.

Since hospitals are overwhelmed with critical cases during the pandemic, telemedicine allows hospital staff to focus on individuals with serious cases and reduces the patient’s risk of contracting the deadly virus.

We’ve also seen an increase in the use of technology inpatient care. The rising number of

Covid-19 cases across the globe is putting a strain on healthcare systems. In China, remote-

controlled robots were used to perform certain medical functions and monitor routine health

indicators. But perhaps one area where technology has played the biggest part as far as the

fight against the novel coronavirus goes is contact tracing. Read on learn more.

Contact Tracing Apps

Contact tracing is the process of identifying people who may have come into contact with

infected persons and subsequently collecting further information about these contacts.

Contact tracing is used to break chains of transmission, to manage epidemics of this virus at

an ongoing low level, and to prevent future waves or surges of cases. When done manually,

tens of thousands of new public health workers need to be trained in contact tracing to have

any hope of preventing future outbreaks within our communities.

Contact tracing apps automate the process of tracing the movement of Covid-19 patients and finding new infections. Contact-tracing apps use Bluetooth technology to create a log of

nearby devices using the app — as well as people with whom these users have been in

contact. When a person using the app starts to show symptoms or is diagnosed with Covid-

19, they will notify the application which will, in return, notify people they have been in

contact with. Some apps are constantly broadcasting Bluetooth pings to find nearby devices.

Benefits of Contact Tracing Apps Over Manual Contact Tracing

Covid-19 patients can transmit the virus even before they start showing any symptoms.

Contact tracing apps can help identify people potentially exposed to the virus and help them self-isolate. The individuals are required to self-quarantine for 14 days and if they are

showing symptoms of Covid-19 by the end of that period, they will be tested and given

necessary treatment. If there are no symptoms, they get the all-clear. Compared to manual

contact tracing, contact tracing apps can help authorities manage the coronavirus pandemic

quickly and at a low cost.

Privacy Concerns

According to research on people's attitudes towards contact-tracing apps, Americans distrust contact-tracing apps but are willing to use them for the greater good. The use of contact tracing apps has raised important questions about privacy and security. There are concerns about possible misuse of the data collected by contact tracing apps. There are fears that governments and private companies developing contact tracing apps may collect and store unrelated or unnecessary data for other purposes.

Contact tracing is vital when it comes to managing the spread of an infectious disease such as the newly discovered coronavirus. Although most Americans agree on the public health

benefits of contact tracing apps, concerns about the potential misuse of data continue to

weigh heavily on the general public. If we’re going to reopen the country without a vaccine

in sight, the government needs to monitor the spread of Covid-19 more closely to maintain

control over the pandemic. Contract tracing apps can help.

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