Gotcha Google!

Did You Know? A Genius plan used Morse code to catch Google ‘red-handed’. This is cool stuff!

Like most sites on the internet, the lyrics website Genius relies on Google for most of its web traffic. So when Genius discovered that Google was copying its lyrics and displaying them directly, it was understandably peeved and asked Google to stop in 2017. Google denied any wrongdoing.

To prove that Google was ripping off its lyrics, Genius had to catch Google in the act. So the company devised a way to digitally watermark its lyrics. It worked like this: Genius built an imperceptible series of alternating straight apostrophes (dots) and curved apostrophes (dashes) into its lyrics. When laid out in sequence, these apostrophes create a message in Morse code: “RED HANDED.”

As a result, Google issued a statement saying that its lyrics are licensed from 3rd parties, not created internally. #trianglecompudocs #didyouknow #googlecheats #caughtredhanded

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