Ditch Doordash

Did You Know? You can skip the Doordash delivery fee by skipping the Doordash site. With the current pandemic and efforts to stay at home, it’s probably very tempting to have your food delivered through a service like Doordash. But that price of convenience adds up quickly, and the delivery fee doesn’t help. How do you save a few bucks? Skip Doordash’s website, and use the restaurant’s instead.

And there is something else. I know first hand that Doordash doesn’t always have an agreement with the restaurants that they deliver from. They jack up the restaurant’s prices and provide poor customer service. A few weeks ago, my wife and I ordered food from one of our favorite restaurants using Doordash. 35 minutes into our wait, we got a text message stating our order was cancelled because the restaurant could not fulfill the order. Confused, I called the restaurant to find out what happened. Not only COULD they fulfill our order, but it was almost ready. I drove up to the restaurant to get our food. Despite my efforts to let the Doordash support team know that they had a driver who wasn’t being honest, they stood behind the cancellation stating that the restaurant could not fulfill my order. From now on, I will just call the restaurant directly. #ditchdoordash #trianglecompudocs #didyouknow #reviewgeek

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