#7 Ransomware

Did You Know? There are 7 major types of malware. Malware type 7: Ransomware.

Among all the scary and shocking statistics from last year, there is one number that looms above all others. It is estimated that ransomware cost the United States more than $7.5 billion last year.

There has been an explosion of build-your-own ransomware projects making it easier for unsophisticated criminals to get in on the act. And yet, when you add up the numbers and calculate the average payout, those dollar amounts don’t paint the entire picture of the financial burden suffered by organizations hit by these kinds of criminal attack. 

When trying to assess the potential risk emanating from ransomware attacks, businesses should factor in all these aspects: the payout, downtime, damage to reputation, data loss and more. Over the next few entries, we will discuss each one of these indiidually.

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