#5 Banking Trojans

Did You Know? There are 7 major types of malware. Malware type 5: Banking Trojans.

Banking trojans have been around forever—and they’ll be around for as long as we use the web for money transactions—but that doesn’t mean they are not useful to look at. Trickbot and Emotet have been on the increase recently, evolving with new features to escape sandboxes and bypass legacy security solutions. A banking trojan disguises itself as something good or beneficial to users, but having a far more sinister, hidden purpose.

Even a mobile app that appears to serve a genuine purpose (for example, a game, flashlight, or messaging service) can secretly be a trojan looking to steal information. Trojans evade detection by having dormant capabilities, hiding components in other files, forming part of a rootkit, or using heavy obfuscation. Every individual family of malware has its own “signature moves,” and with each iteration, malicious actors grow more sophisticated. Banking trojans are a specific kind of trojan malware. Once installed onto a client machine, banking trojans use a variety of techniques to create botnets, steal credentials, inject malicious code into browsers, or steal money. #trianglecompudocs #didyouknow #bankingtrojan #trojan #malware

Does this make you nervous? It should. The world is changing. Hackers and criminals are getting more advanced. Protecting your valuable information is of utmost importance. If you need assistance monitoring and protecting your devices, visit our Services page to learn how we can help you. Click the Book Now button above for a free consultation.

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