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The Break-Fix Model vs Managed Services
The Break-Fix Model refers to the practice of only calling in professional IT services (my team) when there is a problem or when an upgrade is needed. While this may seem reasonable to some, the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. It is universally agreed upon in the IT industry that the Break-Fix model is outdated and ineffective. In fact, Manage Engine reports that, as of 2023, 59% of IT service providers have adopted the Managed Services model.
RMS Benefits

RMS Benefits

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The Cons of the Break-Fix Model:

  • Unpredictable Costs: Since you only pay when something breaks, costs can vary widely from month to month, and BIG costs can appear suddenly, with no way to properly budget for them.

  • Reactive Approach: The model waits for problems to occur before addressing them, which can lead to longer downtimes.

  • Potential For Short-Term Fixes, Long-Term Problems: Technicians might opt for quick fixes that don’t address the root cause of the problem. Since they’re paid when something breaks and they have to fix it, there’s the potential for technicians to opt for short-term fixes that will then only break down again later… leading to more work for the contractors.

  • No Continuous Monitoring: Without ongoing monitoring, potential issues might go unnoticed until they escalate to issues that can cost you thousands of dollars.

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The Pros of Remote Managed Services:

  • Predictable Costs: Companies pay a fixed monthly fee, making budgeting more straightforward.

  • Proactive Approach: Managed Service Providors monitor and maintain IT infrastructures continuously, preventing potential issues before they become problems.

  • Access to Expertise: Companies benefit from a team of IT experts who are up to date with the latest industry knowledge and best practices.

  • Enhanced Security: Regular updates, patches, and monitoring ensure that businesses are protected from potential threats.

  • Scalability: As a business grows, managed services can be scaled to meet increasing IT demands.

  • Less Work from You: With comprehensive coverage of your IT systems, working with an MSP simply requires less work from you and your team. They handle most of the heavy lifting, allowing you to fill your time in more productive ways.


What we offer:

With Managed Services you will be protected as follows:

  • 24x7x365 Server/Desktop Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

    • Patch Management – keeping software secure and up to date

    • Antivirus – protecting systems with cutting-edge antivirus and defense against malware and threats

    • Ransomware detection – Safeguard against ransomware attacks with proactive detection and response.

    • Endpoint Detection & Response – Enhanced security with endpoint protection detection and response, for real-time threat monitoring

    • Managed Detection & Response – Visibility into Endpoint, Network and Cloud attack pillars via Advanced Threat Protection

    • Endpoint Backup – Ensuring data integrity with reliable endpoint backup solutions including encryption and compliance features to maintain data security and regulatory alignment

  • 24x7x365 monitoring of your network and systems including SOC (Security Operation Center) monitoring

  • Troubleshooting and remediation for processes/services that fail

  • Remote repair of software issues

  • Access to Technician M to F, 9 to 5 as available

Little problems will be solved quickly to prevent them becoming big, expensive problems. In most instances, you won’t even know there was ever an issue.

This product also allows Triangle CompuDocs remote access to your computers and helps your company by providing a clear snapshot of your organization, so that potential problems can be eliminated before they start.  This will ultimately save you money in the form of hours purchased.

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